studies on the word chemometrics

by Márcia M. C. Ferreira and Rudolf Kiralj

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What does it mean "chemometrics"?
Where does it come from? From ancestral Anglo-Saxon, Latin or Greek?
What subjects are related to this word?
Is this correct word in English?
Are there other words derived from the word chemometrics?
Are there varieties of this word in English worldwide?
How is this word written and pronounced in other languages?
What studies can be made about this word and what interesting and useful results can be obtained?
The list of questions and doubts can be extended.

There are answers on these questions, probably scattered in the recent scientific literature and on internet pages. This page presents results from the studies about the word chemometrics that were carried out in this laboratory. There are some interesting and related links at the end of this page, pointing out  the same questions raised before or at the time of the studies.

A curious visitor is recommended to see first the results right below, and then follow the updates after the results, and finally, to see the impact in the posterior literature. As the world is in constant political, linguistic, scientific and other changes, some of the results, especially some maps and tables must be updated to show the current situation.


Online publication:
The first results of internet surfing were placed online on September 5, 2003.

Publication in journal:

Kiralj R, Ferreira M. M. C., "The Past, Present and Future of Chemometrics Worldwide: Some Etymological, Linguistic and Bibliometric Investigations", J. Chemometr., 20, 247-272 (2006).  [DOI: 10.1002/cem.1001  or]
Article in pdf

Conference presentation:

Kiralj R., Ferreira. M. M. C., "Literature and Internet Database Mining in a Study About the Word CHEMOMETRICS". Águas de Lindóia, SP, Brazil, 10-15/09/2006: 10th International Conference on Chemometrics in Analytical Chemistry (CAC-2006, CAC-X), Book of Abstracts (2006) OP27. Oral 27.
Abstract in pdf and html
Presentation in pdf
Poster in pdf
Conference home page

Updated and corrected information with some extensions




Articles, web sites and other literature items citing the studies

Articles in Scientific Journals

Eriksson L., Gottfries J., Lundstedt T., Trygg J., "Editorial", J. Chemometr., 21, 397 (2007).
Citation: "Chemometrics has a prosperous future worldwide [3], much due to Svante Wold."
This is a sentence about the future of chemometrics.

Levine B., Workman J., "Chemometrics", Anal. Chem., 80, 4519-4531 (2008).
Citation: "Any reader interested in the history of etymology of the term chemometrics will find the paper entitled The Past, Present and Future of Chemometrics Worldwide: Some Etymological, Linguistic, and Bibliometric Investigations fascinating. The authors explore the history and usage of the term chemometrics in its various forms across the world and cite the significant events in the history of chemometrics in research and in publications (7).... The paper is well worth the effort to read and archive for future reference."
The whole paragraph summarizing the study about the word chemometrics can be found in this review.

Hibbert D. B., Minkkinen P., Faber N.M., Wise B. M., "IUPAC project: A glossary of concepts and terms in chemometrics", Anal. Chim. Acta, 642,  3-5 (2009).
Citation: "... the start of chemometrics is held to be in the early 1970's with Wold's coining of the term ‘Kemometri’ (see [8] for a history of the words used for chemometrics)...".
This is an essential part of the sentence about the early history of chemometrics.

Kiralj R., Ferreira M. M. C., "Basic Validation Procedures for Regression Models in QSAR and QSPR Studies: Theory and Application", J. Braz. Chem. Soc., 20, 770-787 (2009).
Citation: "Continuous progress of science and technology [24] is the generator for a vast diversity of QSAR and QSPR approaches via new mathematical theories, computational algorithms and procedures, and advances in computer technology, where chemometrics is the discipline for merging all these elements."
This is a sentence about the relation between chemometrics and the progress of science and technology.

Keithley R. B., Heien, M. L., Wightman, R. M., "Multivariate concentration determination using principal component regression with residual analysis", Trends Anal. Chem., 28, 1127-1136 (2009).
Citation: "Svante Wold first coined the term "kemometri" ("chemometrics" in English) in 1972 by combining the words kemo for chemistry and metri for measure [1]."

This is the sentence about the etymology (origin) of the word "chemometrics".

Yulia B. Monakhova, Seergey A. Astakhov, Alexander Kraskov, Svetlana P. Mushtakova., "Independent components in spectroscopic analysis of complex mixtures", Chemometr. Intell. Lab. Syst., 103, 108-115 (2010).
Citation: "In parallel, a representative arsenal of more than 20 alternative and competing methods for mixture analysis has been developed over the past 30 years in chemometrics (see the reviews, e.g., in [1,9-18])."
This is the sentence about relatively long history of chemometrics (30 years) during which numerous methods developed for mixture analysis by spectroscopy have been developed.

Internet Articles

Chemistry - From Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia (article last modified on March 11, 2010). Wikimedia Foundations, Inc., San Francisco, CA. [last accessed on March 11, 2010:]
Citation: "Many believe that the Arabic word "alchemy" is derived from the word Chemi or Kimi, which is the ancient name of Egypt in Egyptian [23][24][25]."
This is the sentence about the etymology (origin) of the words "alchemy" and "chemistry".

Web sites

-The page on Chemometrics by Dr. K. Faber (in English)


-discussions on how the word CHEMOMETRICS should be written in a particular language
-current practise: equivalent alternative forms for CHEMOMETRICS are in use in some languages

These are mostly official documents and therefore, there is a small chance of typo mistakes.

-The page on Chemometrics by Dr. K. Faber (in English): chemometrics or chemometry?
-The page of the Russian Chemometric Society (in Russian): hemometrika or hemometrija?
-The page (in Macedonian): hemometrija or hemometrika?
-The page of Prof. Dr. P. von R. Schleyer, the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg (in German): chemometrie and chemometrik!
-The  courses at the Faculty of Food Technology and Biotechnology, the University of Zagreb (in Croatian): kemometrija and kemometrika!
-The ICS-L (the mailing list of the International Chemometric Society) archives (in English): chemometrics or chemometry?
--------29 Apr 1999: the first known archive
--------24 Feb 2006: 1st archive, 2nd archive
--------27 Feb 2006: a new archive
--------Feb 2006: complete archives: I and II
-The page of the SKAT, a Czech library catalog (in Czech): chemometrie and chemometrika!
-The courses at the Pharmaceutical Faculty, the Copenhagen University (in Danish): kemometri and kemometrik!
-The courses at the Faculty of Mathematics and Science, the University of Pisa: chimiometria and chemiometria!


*Information and data for the word CHEMOMETRICS in various languages were from the literature, the Web of Science database,  and various internet resources.

*Information about the word CHEMOMETRICS in Esperanto was obtained in private communication with The Academy of Esperanto (Akademio de Esperanto, A group of Esperanto academics  have coined the word CHEMOMETRICS in Esperanto as a reply to the query of the authors of this page. We acknowledge The Academy of Esperanto and especially to Mrs. Boris Kolker for the fast and efficient reply.

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